Needle Destroyer
The provided manual needle cum syringe hub destroyer range is effectively deployed in hospitals, clinics, schools and more areas to safely dispose the used needles and syringes.
Hospital Trolleys
Apart from hospitality, the provided hospital trolleys deliver decorative purposes too as they are made in colorful and high finish designs. These trolleys have wheels as well for simple mobility.
We are featuring surgical autoclaves that are available in different models such as medium, large and small. These autoclaves are deployed to sterilize different medical equipment that require high temperature and pressure.
Multi Utility Carts
Utilization of Multi Utility Carts can be noticed in warehouses and production units where these are used for transferring bulk goods. These are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage purpose.
Offered Food Storage Bins can be accessed in different storage capacity based options. Air tight lid of these Food Storage Bins prevents entrance of moisture and air to maintain freshness of stored products.
Sharp Containers
Polypropylene fabricated Sharp Containers have extensive applications in hospitals and clinics. Available in different storage capacity based specification, these transparent containers promote easy visibility of stored materials. These containers are of recyclable quality.
Medical Safety Box
This Medical Safety Box is used for hygienic disposal of injection needles. Featured with compact shape, this Medical Safety Box is spillage proof. Safe to handle, its design and manufacturing technique conforms to WHO standards.
Liquid Biomedical Waste Treatment System
This electricity driven stainless steel Liquid Waste Treatment System is reckoned for its environment friendly operating mode and high automation degree. Its application can be noticed in pharmaceutical and chemical processing arena.
Medical Laundry Carts
Equipped with stainless steel trolley, these Medical Laundry Carts are useful for carrying bulk amount of clothes for washing purpose. Easy to move, these carts are available in standard load bearing capacity.
Medical Waste Container
Available in single, double and triple container based design options, this Medical Waste Bins Trolley is useful for hygienic storage and transferring of disposable medical products. This product is made of superior grade durable PP. material.
This Antimicrobial Protection Shield is useful for avoiding contamination inside hospitals, clinics and clean rooms. Designed by seasoned personnel, this cost effective protection shield is effective in avoiding air borne microbes.
Formulated from organic ingredients, this Odor Eliminator, Eco Clean Pro Purge is used to eradicate odor to improve indoor air quality. Free from toxic content, this air freshener has no adverse effect on human health.
Steam Autoclavable Bag
Available in yellow color, this Steam Autoclavable Bag is free from chlorine. This 20 inch long bag has been specially designed for hospital usage purpose. Offered in custom made storage capacity based option, this bag is rectangular in shape.
Hospital Waste Collection Bag
Made of best quality PP, HDPE and other grades of plastic, this Hospital Waste Collection Bag is preferred for its required storage capacity. Approved for its standard quality, this waste bag prevents contamination caused by medical wastes.
Bulk Waste Collection Trolleys
Made of durable HDPE and PVC materials, these Bulk Waste Collection Trolleys are reliable solutions to dispose medical garbage without causing contamination. Easy to move, these are simple to handle and maintain.
Needle Hub Cutter
Prevent transmission of infections that are blood-borne by using a needle hub cutter for safe disposal. The needles cut using this cutter must be buried in a safety pit. The syringes and broken vials can be recycled. 
Garbage Bins
Garbage Bins offered by us are known for their ergonomic appearance. Developed from PP or HDPE, these bins are appreciated for their excellent storage capacity. These are weather protected, have long lasting quality and are stain proof.
Infection Control System
Provided Infection Control Systems have been specially designed to suit exact requirements of health care sector. Developed by skilled technocrats, these user friendly systems are reckoned for their error free mechanism.
X Ray View Box
LED X Ray View Boxes combine style, technology and utility in their look. Advanced features have been incorporated into their design to promote their high output. Ergonomic viewing panel, utilization of power adaptor and long working life are the key aspects of these products.
Spill Kits
Blood Spill Kits offered by us helps to maintain hygiene needs in hospitals and clinics. These specially developed kits are offered in airtight transparent PP container with required accessories. These kits are cost effective.
Wringer Mop Trolleys
Wringer Mop Trolleys provided by us can be accessed in double bucket and triple bucket design based choices. These trolleys have 36 liters and 48 liters of storage capacity. Optimum durability and precise design are their main aspects.
Stainless Steel Waste Bins offered by us have been designed to suit basic hygiene needs. Available in various specifications, these are wonderful options to dispose garbage without touching these. Offered bins are wear and rust proof.
N95 Masks En-149 Certified are reliable options to avoid viral infection like Covid-19.Made of melt blown fabric, these multilayered masks are comfortable to wear for their high breathability level.

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